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ny (Reuters) remove your freezer, Try a manicure pedicure and stay off social media.

Those are some of the tips offered by columnists and others to people dealing with what one psycho therapist has dubbed Election Stress Disorder, Which he said has spiked since Donald Trump won the presidential election on Tuesday.

While people celebrated the election victory of Republican Trump, Who was sent 59.5 million votes, Some enthusiasts of Hillary Clinton, who just got 59.7 million votes, Took to Wholesale Raiders Jersey
social media to express anger and discouragement.

therapy Today magazine posted “5 Tips for combating Post Election Shock and Panic, starting with the advice to “find something to help productive,

“Do something that gives you a temporary sense of having some control, Even if it’s cleansing your freezer, columnist Alice Boyes said.

several other sites imparted similar suggestions. cosmopolitan magazine offered “14 good ways to Deal With Post Election Anxiety,

One way is to sleep in off social media. these guys to “handle yourself, And it quotes New jersey based family physician Jennifer Caudle as hinting that, “do you want a mani pedi, The day after the election pores and skin look day to get it,

Alison Howard, A Washington based psychologist, Said some of her patients have been talking about the election for months but that since the results came out have been expressing more grief, Sadness and fear in a town where 93 percent of the voters prefer Clinton.

“I’ve not witnessed anything like this before, said Howard, Who worried that such feelings were natural and not a mental health pathology.

Stephen Strosny, A shrink in a Washington suburb who voted for Clinton, Said he started noticing a spike in election related stress in April, When he coined offering Election Stress Disorder, Whose consist of anxiety, Trouble paying attention and nervousness with resentment. He estimated that nearly half his patients were Trump enthusiasts.

he said cases had surged since Labor Day, When the overall election season intensifies, And he has taken four emergency amenities since Tuesday’s election for patients who urgently needed a session.

“I would bet anything that alcohol consumption has gone up in the past week, And aggressive driving violations, replied Strosny, Who sees supporters for both Clinton Throwback NBA Jerseys, Cheap Retro Jerseys

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