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As a thrilling Formula One season hurtles on finishing line, Fernando Alonso sits in pole position for the world great with only two more races to navigate.

The Spaniard can seal a third world tournament at this Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix after his consistency and late season form have propelled him to the top of the pile.

It is hardly unexpected that a driver of Alonso’s standing is now within touching distance of Formula One’s grand prize, It is the minimum requirement when representing a team as rich in heritage as Ferrari.

But it is a credit to his ability as a driver that he has been able to overhaul the very quickly Red Bulls of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, Clinching a victory last weekend after the hawaiian and the German both failed to finish in Korea.

It raises people question.

When all the product is stripped away, The cars taken off the equation and the legions of mechanics and technicians cast aside, Is Fernando Alonso the most usually gifted driver on the Formula One circuit?

Simon Arron, Motorsport reporter for British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Believes the two time world champion has an undoubted gift for driving.

“All evidence points to a guy with enormous natural talent” discussed Arron. “He jogs my memory of a terrier, He’s absolutely unyielding. When he’s got his eyes set on something he just does not let go and over a race his pace is absolutely relentless.

“When he has got something to chase he is an glamorous force. You can realize why Mark Webber is feeling the pressure because Alonso is on a roll,

Alonso’s most up-to-date victory, In the mentally draining marathon that was Korea, Is evidence of his ability to stay focused when all around him seem to be falling apart.

Despite the considerable input of the safety car, The pensionable of his Red Bull rivals and the torrid conditions, The self assured world-class leader was able to keep his head and guide his car over the line in first place.

In stark difference to his young German rival Vettel, Alonso has also managed to convert strong qualifying performances into wins on a Sunday. The 23 year old Red Bull driver has wracked up nine pole careers so far this season, But has only twice managed to win when starting at the front of the grid.

organizations no such problems for Alonso, Who seems to relish the expectation that accompanies pole position, changing his three poles into three grand prix wins.

The 29 year old has also shown his supreme capacity to produce his best performances pressurized. His recent run of three victories in the last four races has shown how he could find something extra when the chips are down, And as in fighting engulfs Red Bull, Alonso makes a B line for the top spot.

Even the responsibility of carrying Ferrari’s legendary name has not weighed him down; He joined a list of drivers your likes of Juan Manuel Fangio and Nigel Mansell when he managed to take maximum points on his racing debut for the Scuderia in Bahrain this year.

remedy should, He seems to have all the attributes required in a champion, Grace under pressure, The heart for a fight and an undeniable will to win.

So with two competitions left, Alonso has an excellent chance to complete a hat trick of world championship triumphs, And after one of the most open title races in history, It seems to be like the talent will rise to the top.

In anything, simply no. at this website why. the world champion must be gauged on winning the title on merit, Not due to its misfortunes or mistakes of the other drivers and teams.

guaranteed, He great driver. but really, all are at that level.

From what i can see, The last few weeks have been filled with disaster for Red Bull and Maclaren but the Ferrari looks like it’s in a rich vein of fortune. surely, To overcome any title, One needs a few luck, in fact that.

It cheap nfl jerseys will be very worthwhile to see what happens in the last 2 races.

I would agree though that Alonso has done very well to put himself and the prancing horse in contention, significantly given their dismal early season form.

in addition, I would say that what would decide of who is the best driver a lot easier to gauge is if all teams ran the same engines and set ups. workout, Fans worldwide know that really, The winner is the one with the best and best car.

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Alonso not necessarily, Cannot and should never be the best on the grid. He is by far the luckiest driver on the grid! fresh so few wins this season, Yet leads the great. Alonso would also always be where he is, If not for a rrn excess of obvious team order to his team colleague. Take a look at a bit of the other drivers who push the car harder during qualifying and start of better than him. However for technical reasons they were not able to finish the race or score better. So sure, The Ferrari is a comfortable ride, Whi


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